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The Complete Guide & Step By Step System You Need To Generate Money On Autopilot
"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die."
- Warren Buffett
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Finally... A Done For You, Supreme Quality, Evergreen PLR PACKAGE That You Can Sell As Your Own 
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  • Feature: Done for you product that's ready to sell with a few tweaks
  •  System: Setup ONCE and profit for years to come
  • Training: Free training teaches you how to apply and keep 100% of the profits for yourself
  •  Evergreen: Since this is a Hot Niche it practically sell itself
  •  Value: Using a specific software allows you to earn even more money
  •  Bonuses: On top of the training you will receive more products like this absolutely FREE!
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With this "Done For You" system you will start seeing results like this in no time flat!
Go From This...
To This!!!
Want To Start Seeing Results Like These NOW!?
Most People Are Faced With These Problems
  •  No Technical Skills
  •  No Time To Get Started
  •  Fear Of Doing Something New
  •  No Products To Sell
  •  Don't Know Where To Start
  •  Afraid There Is Too Much Work
Let's Face It.... Making Money Online Can Get Overwhelming
That's why we've created an All-In-One, "Done For You" Business
That shows you everything step by step and takes little time at all!

The Right Tools
Do an hour of work in the beginning
Not only are you going to learn from the PLR product that you buy, but you're also going to be able to turn around and sell it to others, because once you buy it you own the rights to it!

Passive Income
Money you earn without lifting a finger
Now that you own your own awesome product AND this "Done For You" system is in place you get to watch the money come rolling in on autopilot. Money while you sleep
What If Someone Did All The Hard Work For You?
As someone who is looking to make money online, you've probably seen everything out there. From eCommerce to affiliate marketing.

Well, you probably already figured out by now that when you sell your own product you get to keep ALL of the profits for yourself.

Combine that with building your own email list of people, you can sell this item to your list and now sell even more products to them later...

That means more money in your pocket!
How Does It Work? What Is PLR?
PLR stands for "Private Label Rights"

That basically means that you can make the product your own and resell it.

You might be thinking to yourself that most PLR products that are out there are NOT the greatest quality.

You've probably even purchased quite a few PLR products that turned out to be extremely disapointing...

I know I've purchased some that turned out to be worse than garbage. 

My goal is to change that, because there really are some great products out there if you know where to look. Problem is... Not many people know where to look.

On top of that, it's really difficult trying to build the web page from scratch with all the stuff inside the PLR.

Well, that's why I made this all "Ready-To-Go" inside a share funnel. Just click a button and this "already-made" funnel uploads into your account instantly!
Want To Learn More?
It's Called 
What You Get Inside:
  •  Private Label Rights
  •  Email Swipes
  •  Full In-depth Training Videos
  •  Sales Copy & Sales Videos
  •  Done For You Share Funnel
  •  Mind Map
  •  Cheat Sheet
  •  Resource Report
  •  Social Media Covers For Promoting
  •  Traffic Hacks
  •  So Much More!!!!
This System Will Put Cash In Your Pocket Day After Day...
Make A Few Changes
All you have to do is follow the instructions on the next page. Make a few simple changes that are so easy a 5 year old could do it.
Target Your Audience
In the training I will show you several different ways to put this product in front of the people that will buy it. Spend a couple extra bucks and speed up the process.
Passive Income
There are very few things in this world that are "done for you", but with this PLR package it's made so easy all you have to do is plug it in and start making money!
Hurry! This Offer Will Not Last Forever
Price Goes Back Up When Timer Gets To Zero
Easy As... 1... 2... 3...
1. Build
2. Apply
Watch This Quick Video
  •  Time: Take a little time and make a few simple changes to make this product your own
  •  Traffic: Follow the traffic hacks that come as a bonus and put your new product in front of the people that want to buy it!
  •  Make Money: Watch the passive income come rolling in!
PLR Package Includes:
Module 1 - Premium Ultimate Passive Income Guide
$650 Value
The Ultimate Passive Income Guide is over 10,000 + words of training that is guaranteed to work!.

This ebook includes  cutting edge information, step by step instructions and premium secrets that you need to start as soon as possible!

This Guide was written by industry professionals, so rest assured that the information inside is 100% authentic.
What's included:
  • Professionally and beautifully formatted packages
  •  The Latest and most efficient strategies on passive income available today
  •  100% Private Label Rights in text, PDF & Word Doc, so you can edit and make your own
  •  8 Chapters of content with custom photos you can re-use
Here's a sample on what's inside:
If you look around the "make-money-online" community you will see that PLR is one of the most valuable digital assets that online marketers use. 

Information products can be sold in exchange for leads and bait for customers a thousand times easier than physical products, so everyone loves using it. 

Also, adding PLR to a product is a great way to increase value of the product you are selling instead of lowering your price to compete with those other guys...

When you put PLR in front of the right audience, they not only purchase it, but they show the gratitude for introducing them to something so amazing!

Bonus: If you sell this product that's great, but if you take the time to read it and learn it you can grow your passive income exponentially! 
8 Chapters & 5 Sub-Chapters Included!
Module 2 - Cheat Sheet
$40 Value
This cheat sheet is a great bonus for your customers. It simply and efficiently breaks down the core concepts of the PLR Training and explains an easy to understand method of application. 

Basically, a simplified offer that makes this whole thing a million times easier!
Module 3 - Mind Map
$20 Value
The mind map outlines everything that you and your customers will be learning in the training.
It will show all the steps of passive income and make it easier to understand.
Each part will be shown specifically in a way that you can absorb the information smoothly. 
Module 4 - Resource Report
$20 Value
With the resource report you will be shown all of the complete niche research that shows you the best tools to utilize, training options, Blogs & forums for information and infographics for display purposes. 

Everything focused on passive income and how you can make it happen for you. 
Whiteboard & Text Voice-over videos are extremely popular right now, because they work.

Videos combined with good sales pages convert very well in the online marketing industry. 

These videos have been hand crafted using a "hypnotic" copywriting method that is designed to pull in more customers longer and convert even higher!
Module 5 - Ready Made SalesPage & thank You Page
$347 Value
  • 100% top notch copy for high converting sales pages
  •  This sales page with up-sell thank you page inside the PLR
Here's a sample of the pre-written copy
Module 6 - Finished Sales Video Promos
$297 Value
2 Pre-Made Sales Videos Included
  • Professional White Board Explainer Video
  •  Professional Voice-over Explainer Video
Module 7- Legal Pages
$297 Value
3 Legal Page Templates
  • Privacy Policy
  •  Terms And Conditions
  •  Earnings And Income Disclaimer
You're not only going to want to cover yourself legally, but you're also going to want to look professional.

These pre-written legal pages are professionally designed and look great!
Module 8- Full Set of Professional Graphics
$247 Value
All the PNG graphics that you'll need to optimize your own funnel. Everything comes pre-installed in the share funnel, but you will also have the digital copies in case you want to add or optimize yourself.

Images including CD/DVD covers, Book covers, Video images & bundle packages. 
Module 9 - Professional Articles for Social Media and Blogging
$150 Value
Hiring a professional ghostwriter can usually cost about $25 per each article. Here you get 10 pre-written professional articles. 
  •  Use these articles for scripts in your YouTube videos
  •  Use them as content for added email swipes
  •  Re-word them to add as website content for SEO
  •  Post them on social media to draw traffic to your finished product
No matter how you decide to use them you can call these your own and bring more value to you and your product. 
Module 10 - Captivating Banners Ads
$150 Value
Save yourself some money without having to higher an ads agency or graphic artist to make you ad banners.

Here are the copies that come included in the PLR package. Just upload them to your banner site and let the potential customers come clicking on these amazing ads!
Module 11- 5 Email Swipes That Are High Converting
$150 Value
Even if the customer doesn't buy from you at first, setting up an automated email responder can potentially bring them back in to buy later!

Here are 5 amazing email swipes already written and ready to go! Just copy and past, put in a subject line and watch those customers come back in! 
Module 12 - 10 Top Quality eCovers
$397 Value
In a short attention span society you need eye catching and enticing covers for the material you are promoting.

These eCovers really bring the digital product to life. It’s proven that having high-quality pictures and real life-like eCovers for your digital products increases sales and conversions.

That’s why we included 10 beautifully designed eCovers that you can use in any way you desire.

If you hired a designer to create eCovers like this, you could easily find yourself spending hundreds of dollars…

Included today with this PLR Package.
Module 13 - Social Media Images Pack
$150 Value
With inspirational and motivational quotes circulating the internet like wildfire, these proven viral pictures can help you bring traffic to your offer.

In the "make-money-online" niche these posts are very popluar. Not just for likes and shares, but to get people to engage with your business. 

Once they click and see this awesome product you will get more conversions automatically! That means more money in your pocket!
Module 14 - License Packs
$Value: Priceless
Let's not forget the most important part. Once you purchase this product you own 3 different licenses.
  •  Private label Rights
  •  Resell Rights
  •  Master Resell Rights
That means that you can turn around and sell it for twice as much money as you paid for it if you want to! 
Total Real World Value Over $3,000.00
Get Instant Access For Just $197
Only $27.00 $10.00
Hurry! This Offer Will Not Last Forever
Price Goes Back Up When Timer Gets To Zero
Here Are Some More Ways To make Money 
With This PLR Package
  •  Sell "Ultimate Passive Income" for more profit like $47 or $97 
  •  Build it into a private membership site and charge a monthly fee
  •  Use it as training in your membership sites or webinars
  •  Include it as a high quality bonus for another product your selling
  •  Print it into a hard copy like CD's or DVD's then package and sell them
  •  Use it as a training method for employee's, VA's or Outsourcing company's
  •  You can add bonuses to this product and sell for even more money
  •  Use the ebooks as free content to obtain leads or build lists
  •  Use the whole system and learn from it for personal use
  •  You can re-brand and put your personal logo to grow your brand
  •  Create an affiliate program and have other people sell your product for you
  •  You can transcribe the video content and apply as a blog or email
  •  Create a Private Facebook group and charge a monthly fee offering bonuses like this one
  •  Copy this concept with other PLR and make a PLR store. 
Here's What People Are Saying 
About This Awesome PLR
Still Not Convinced?...
You're Clearly Interested In Making Money Online...
Well... Here Are Your Two Options...
Option #1 - Make Your Own Product
Now, there's nothing wrong with creating your own products to sell. However, it can be extremely time consuming and expensive testing and applying, plus hiring outside help...

Realistically, you can spend hundreds of hours trying to create a product and there's no guarantee that it will sell... Plus you have to write your sales copy, do the graphics and post it all online.... I hope you know what you're doing...

If you don't know what you're doing hiring people to help is going to drain money from your pockets! Not to mention the fact that if you try to do it yourself there is that terrible learning curve... 

If you decide to do it this way you are looking at thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent... 
Option #2 - Make A Tiny Investment Into "Ultimate Passive Income" And Gain Full PLR Rights!
You'll get a done for you product with complete training on how to set it up and step by step instructions on how to sell it. 

When you make your own product you have to do market research and test it to see if it will sell... Not with this package! It's already proven to sell across the board. 

Not to mention that this current deal is so affordable that you can sell it for twice as much money as you bought it for. That's means you only need to make ONE sale and you're profitable! 

Option one will cost you tons of time and money, but options two will make you tons of money... It's really a no-brainer... 
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This Entire "Done For You" Business In A Box & Training
Total Real World Value = $4,991.00
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Only $27.00 $10.00
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Of Course You Get Our Guarantee
When You Take Action Today!
Let’s be Honest. There’s a lot of bad PLR out there. I don’t want your fear of getting stuck with something that’s not good quality prevent you from making one of the best decisions available to you.
Because I know you’ll be blown away by the quality of this PLR and the share funnel concept, I’m going to give you a full 30 days to make sure you’re happy with it.
If you show effort and for any reason this doesn't work for you, just send me an email, and I’ll give you your money back!

All I ask is for your integrity. 
Let's Go Over Everything That 
You'll Be Getting Today
  •  Module 1: High Quality Training Guide - Value $650
  •  Module 2: Cheat Sheet - Value $40 
  •  Module 3: Mindmap - Value $20 
  •  Module 4: Resource Report - Value $20 
  •  Module 5: Ready-made Sales-letter & Thank You Page - Value $347 
  •  Module 6: Hypnotic Sales Video Promo - Value $297 
  •  Module 7: Professionally Designed Minisite - Value $297 
  •  Module 8: Professionally Designed Graphics - Value $247 
  •  Module 9: Quality Articles - Value $150 
  •  Module 10: Professionally Designed Banners - Value $150 
  •  Module 11: Promotional Email Swipes - Value $150 
  •  Module 12: 10 High Quality eCovers - Value $397
  •  Module 13: Social Media Images Pack - Value $150 
  •  Module 14: PLR License - Value PRICELESS
Your Premium Bonuses
  •  Boost Your Website Traffic PLR - Value $97
  •  The Warrior Marketer PLR - Value $97 
  •  The Warrior Mindset - Value $97 
  •  Yoga Studio Share Funnel - Value $197 
  •  Supplement eCommerce Share Funnel - Value $197 
  •  Coffee Shop Share Funnel - Value $197 
  •  Fruit Juice eCommerce Share Funnel - Value $197
  •  This Entire Funnel - Done For You Share Funnel - Value $997
Total Real World Value = $4,991.00
Get Instant Access For Just $197
Only $27.00 $10.00
Hurry! This Offer Will Not Last Forever
Price Goes Back Up When Timer Gets To Zero
Frequently Asked Questions
What Are The PLR Rights?
You get full rights to add your name and claim the content as your own. You are free to sell the course anywhere or in any way that you see fit. Be sure to check the download of your PDF.
What Does This Focus On?
The course teaches marketers how to profit with Ultimate Passive Income, one of the hottest topics. Every marketer knows they need to build a list to be successful… Ultimate Passive Income PLR is an A to Z course that gives a marketer everything they need to profit with Ultimate Passive Income.
I need PLR Videos of this training, what should I do?
Training is included after purchase. Check your email for an additional link. Be sure to check your spam folder. 
Are There Any Additional Fees?
Just a one-time investment is required to get started.
Why Should I Get This Today?
Because it’s one the highest quality PLR offering being offered online… one sale pays for itself, and the course is packed full of goodies that you can use to profit with yourself. It’s a no-brainer
I've Bought Low-Quality PLR In The Past... What Makes This Different?
This PLR was created by a team of professionals to ensure a high level of quality. All of the content was done by a native English speaker, and the content is up-to-date with what’s relevant in 2019.
What If I'm Not Tech Savvy?
This type of PLR is designed to be used with ClickFunnels. That means that you can literally download it "as is" with a press of a button... Combined with the training on the next page you can turn around and make money with this in a single day. 
How Much For All Of This?
This is structured as a dime sale, so the price is increasing… After 7 days, the price will be $127-$297 (which is still a GREAT deal) 
Is There A Guarantee?
Yes. If you apply the methods and don't have any luck, just reach out to us in the Facebook group. If you still don't have any luck after 30 days you will receive a full money-back refund. 
How Do I Get Started?
Click The Button Below! 
Get Instant Access For Just $197
Only $27.00 $10.00
Hurry! This Offer Will Not Last Forever
Price Goes Back Up When Timer Gets To Zero


Start Making Money On Autopilot As Soon As Today!
It doesn't get any more "done for you" than this! All you have to do is follow the training video, apply the changes, run traffic to your offer (Like I show you in the training) and then start making money. It's that simple! 
 Download the share funnel
If you don't have the software you can sign up for the free trial.. Or.. You can follow the instructions inside the PLR & build it the hard way.
 Follow the instructional video
I will walk you through everything you need to do, with just a few tiny changes to make it your own.
 Then You Run Traffic To Your Product
I will have another instructional video based on traffic and how you can put your product in front of people that want to buy it.
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